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We are a well-funded, stable, and heavily-resourced organization in the beginning stages of adding a new offering to our portfolio: fully immersive courses to train and upskill young Saudis in areas of the digital and high-tech world to provide them with countless more career opportunities, whether in the corporate, public, or freelance spaces.

We are currently seeking a Master Instructor to lead the team of UX trainers and have a central role in designing the curriculum of all UX courses we will deliver in Saudi Arabia. This person will help build the program from the ground up. S/he will be part of the team responsible for all matters that have to do with creating and keeping up-to-date a world-class curriculum for UX design, from overseeing the development of curriculum, to working with our corporate partners, to recruiting and leading a network of experts, to making sure students are getting the best possible learning experience that will translate into professional opportunities and successes.

The Master Instructor will be a key member of the team that will build Saudi Arabia’s most visible and impactful UX design educational program. This will mean bringing together and looking after adventurous UX design instructors from around the world. This will involve thinking of all the ways to create and unroll a program capable of attracting the best UX design instructors who will change the lives of ambitious UX student designers.

The ideal candidate is someone who loves creating—whether concepts, networks, or processes. This person is energized when meeting new people. A passion for mentorship and creating experiences that contribute to the growth of others is a key ingredient for success. S/he is also excited to be part of a movement that is changing the course of an entire country. Eagerness to discover a culture and nurture long-lasting relationships with locals is a big bonus.

Why be part of this life-changing experience?

We are looking for a Master Instructor to build a network of UX designers from all over the world. The Master Instructor will tap the members of this network to come in periodically to teach a course in UX Design in Saudi Arabia, for a predetermined amount of time. This person will oversee the entire process and play an important part in developing the curriculum to meet the learners’ needs as well as those of the corporate partners.

If you are the kind of person who wants to share your knowledge, your ideas, your craft, and your passion, while broadening your own skills and differentiating your experience set, we would love to talk to you.  Through this opportunity, you will:

  • Be an integral part in a national effort to prepare the youth of Saudi Arabia for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Create networks and systems that will drive a curricular program.
    Implement your vision of how UX should be taught, fusing theory with real world practicum.
  • Create the conditions for students to tap their potential and become junior UX designers.
  • Work closely with corporate partners to understand their evolving needs.
  • Perfect your own leadership and teaching skills, while creating a vibrant atmosphere for collaboration and support.
  • Learn about Saudi culture, discover its richness, and make life-long connections with members of this warm society.

In this role you will be responsible for:

  • Building and managing a network of instructors who implement the curricular vision, inspire students, and weave practical skills and wisdoms into the course.
  • Identifying educators and leading a recruitment process that ensures high quality, creative, and practical instruction in the classroom.
  • Forecasting demand for instructors, predicting where course demand will be, based on market developments, client needs, and hot topics.
  • Staying up-to-date with technologies, practices, and everything that puts a UX designer at the top of his field.
  • Working with partners to design a curriculum that will prepare students for success in the job market or provide them with the new skills they need to excel in their current company.
  • Assessing quality of instruction and providing coaching and support whenever and wherever it is needed to make sure the students receive the training they deserve.
  • Finding creative ways to incentivize instructors to be part of this effort—we want people who are excited to be part of the vision, not just mercenaries.
  • Contributing to the team that will make sure instructors are cared for before, during, and after the course—this may include relationship building, on boarding, support, and follow up.

Skills and Qualifications:

We’re looking for someone with experience building networks and teams—with some experience on the recruitment side—who wants to build something special within a fast-paced and dynamic environments. A background or interest in education/training is a plus. You are:

  • Knowledgeable in more than one area of technology with the ability to deliver programs in at least 2 areas (e.g. UX and web development, but the specific combinations don’t matter as much as the ability to provide breadth and depth).
  • Understanding of what it takes to attract the best instructors. You understand how to incentivize (not just with money) them to join and stay a part of the network.
  • Empathetic and willing to make your network feel cared for, while keeping the organization’s big picture in mind.
    Someone who knows how to communicate the right message to the right people to be effective.
  • Someone with a can-do attitude.
  • Able to work across multiple teams, within a multicultural environment.
  • Able to create a vision and drive its implementation.
  • Well organized, can plan for the future, and back up your positions and recommendations with qualitative and quantitative evidence.
  • Comfortable working with a variety of people, across cultures, functions, and industries.
  • Collaborative but self-directed.
  • Someone who is proactive in finding solutions to problems and anticipating problems themselves. You can design a plan and share it with others, involving them when it makes sense.
  • Able to assess how effective an instructor is in the classroom, not by monitoring the instructor, but by taking a look at student empowerment and engagement. What are they learning? How do they know? Is what they’re learning transferrable? Are they growing their competencies… you look to answer these kinds of questions.
  • An entrepreneur at heart.
  • Someone who doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, someone who will put the interests of the team and the project first, not necessarily at your own expense, but certainly moving toward the common vision. You are positive and ambitious.
  • Up for travel and calls that may be out of hours because your network may be all over the world.

Master Instructor UX/UI