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The role of a UX designer integrates a wide range of Business Analysis, User Research, Interaction Design, and User Testing skills.  The Apollo UX designer needs to cover this full range of skills, but the concentration will be in the area of Interaction Design.  Additionally, while not part of the UX skillset, basic visual design skills are required.  The Apollo UX designer should have the skills to execute the following process most productively within a time-constrained environment:

·       Understand business objectives

·       Efficiently perform user research and be creative in documenting and filling in the gaps

·       Derive, document and prioritize use-cases in a way that can be easily consumed by product management, development, and testing personnel

·       Create compelling interaction designs that address use cases using low and medium-fidelity wireframes and other forms of documentation to drive an agile software development process.

·       Testing and validation of interaction designs

·       Usability testing of completed implementations


To be successful, the Apollo UX designer must be pragmatic and able to define acceptable risk.  There is rarely the schedule or personnel to execute the ideal UX process rigorously.



·       A minimum of 3 years of UX design experience, ideally working on products for technical professionals.  Experience with 3D virtual modeling environments is desirable.

·       UX Design experience targeting Web and touch-based application interfaces and experience minimizing the costs associated with responsive design

·       Ability to understand complex technical problems by combining research into a problem domain coupled with interviews with subject matter experts

·       Derive use-cases and extract critical path workflows

·       Ability to clearly and efficiently communicate with customers, both the users of your products and the developers executing your product designs

·       Work as part of a development team that interactively works within an agile software development process to find the best solution based on user needs, technical capabilities, and resources available

·       Expertise in one of the following tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure

·       Productive in the use of tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

·       While not required – An added benefit would be exposure to a 3D design tool such as Autodesk Revit, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros 3D, Chief Architect or SketchUp

UX Designer